Viennale-Trailer 2012: KINO

Chris Marker
FRA, AUT 2011
1 min

It has taken cinema more than a hundred years to achieve its objective. It has tried everything under the sun not to disappoint those for whom it was invented. It has kept changing, has become more colorful, broader, smarter, and then again blander, it has adapted to the present and taken a stand against it. But has all that been enough? KINO is the title of the film made for the Viennale by Chris Marker, who passed away this summer. In it, he goes in search of the “perfect spectator”. Méliès had done the same before, as had Griffith, Welles and Godard, Marker informs us as he arranges portraits of film history’s great directors with clippings of their films (Godard gets his placed onto his glasses). “A rectangle cannot represent the human field of vision”, Marker once wrote, and perhaps that is what makes for the tragedy of the cinema: There can be no perfect spectator. And should he or she exist after all – an option Marker keeps open in his film’s final twist – it is bound to be somewhere entirely unexpected.

  • Chris Marker
Chris Marker im Auftrag der Viennale


35 mm
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