Retrospective 2017

Vesna na Zarečnoj ulice

Frühling in der Zarečnaja-Straße
Feliks Mironer, Marlen Chuciev
Udssr 1956
94 min

Steel worker Sasha falls in love with his teacher Tanja, who at first can’t do anything with his raw young man. He on the other is not used to rejection and feels humiliated … The love story was not the only reason for this film becoming a huge success at the Soviet box offices. The big-boy charm of Sasha-actor Nikolaj Rybnikov was a perfect contrast to Nina Ivanova's impersonation of strict Tanja, but revolutionary was the setting of the film: the grim, post-war poverty within the simple apartments and the pleasure, where feelings still can be poetic.

On Oct. 15 with an introduction by Naum Kleiman and Artiom Sopin.


  • Nina Ivanova
  • Nikolaj Rybnikov
35 mm
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