Special: Napoli, Napoli

Il verificatore

The Meter Reader
Stefano Incerti
I 1995
81 min

IL VERIFICATORE tells the story of Crescenzio, an overweight and introverted man who works as a gas-meter reader and lives with his brother, Beniamino, and a friend, Giuliana, with whom he is secretly in love. Both Beniamino and Giuliana work for a shady individual identified solely as ‘the Owner’, whose electrical repairs business operates on the margins of legality. Tensions come to head when Giuliana rebuffs Crescenzio’s advances only to be raped by her boss. Crescenzio exacts revenge. (Alex Marlow-Mann)
IL VERIFICATORE is an existential noir thriller about an overweight, introverted man who works in Naples as a gas-meter reader. When he falls for a young woman working alongside his brother, the scene is set for a dramatic conflict with their shady, criminal employer. While drawing on the traditions of Neapolitan melodrama, IL VERIFICATORE also owes much to New Hollywood films like TAxI DRIVER; indeed Stefano Incerti defines it as “a film about solitude”. It’s a sombre, stylish work, which marked Incerti as a major new talent and testified to the growing importance of the New Neapolitan Cinema. “A brilliant debut.” (Dario Minutolo)

  • Antonio Iuorio - Crescenzio
  • Roberto De Francesco - Benjamino
  • Elodie Treccani - Giuliana
  • Renato Carpentieri - old master
  • Stefano Incerti
  • Giovanni Molino
  • Pasquale Mari
  • Mario Iaquone
  • Jacopo Quadri
  • Peter Gordon
  • Renato Lori
  • Metella Raboni
Nutrimenti Terrestri, Teatri Uniti, Istituto Luce, RAI 3
Istituto Luce Cinecittà
35 mm
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