Vincenzo Marra
I 2004
82 min

Eighteen-year-old Enzo lives with his family in Secondigliano, a poor suburb of Naples. His fathers sudden death leaves the boy with the difficult task of caring for his mother and sister and Enzo soon finds his path crossed by a series of circumstances and vicissitudes which continually puts his integrity to the test. However his determination and courage finally prevail and his family regains the dignity it had seemingly lost for good. Marra builds his film using small moments constantly interrupted by narrative surprises. From start to finish, he keeps us guessing as to what will eventually materialize in the lives of his characters. Underneath it all is a very subtle political statement that it is the working classes who fight the wars that have been made by others. (Piers Handling)

  • Vincenzo Pacilli - Enzo
  • Edoardo Melone - Bruno
  • Francesco Giuffrida - Luca
  • Giovanna Ribera - Marina
  • Vincenza Modica - Antonietta
  • Francesco Di Leva - Tarantino
  • Vincenzo Marra
  • Mario Amura
  • Alessandro Rolla
  • Luca Benedetti
  • Giuseppe Perrotta
  • Daniela Ciancio
R&C Produzioni Via del Commercio 32 00154 Rom, Italien T 6 572 885 91

Films Distribution 20 rue Saint Augustin 75002 Paris, Frankreich T 1 531 033 99

35 mm
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