Debra Granik
USA 2004
104 min

A freezing winters day, in the parking lot of a grocery store in a small town in upstate New York. An American flag cake careens down the belt to the checkout stand. This is the opening to Down To the Bone, an everyday drama about a society, which has lost its bearings, in which the camera closely tracks the life of its protagonist, Irene. She is struggling to raise two sons, keep a stale marriage afloat and conceal her cocaine addiction as long as she can. In a sudden burst of decisiveness, Irene enrols in a rehab programme, hoping to get her husband back. On her return, the distance between them seems to have become even greater since their separation, pushing Irene into a destructive relationship with a former cocaine addict. Without ever falling into easy moralizing, Down To the Bone sets out to provide an accurate depiction of its characters, with all their failings and problems, who are struggling in that grey zone between right and wrong.

  • Vera Farmiga - Irene
  • Hugh Dillon - Bob
  • Clint Jordan - Steve
  • Caridad de la Luz - Lucy
  • Jasper Moon Daniels - Ben
  • Taylor Foxhall - Jason
  • Debra Granik
  • Richard Lieske
  • Michael McDonough
  • James Demer
  • Malcolm Jamieson
  • Low
  • Slug
  • Jackie O Motherfucker
  • Tortoise
  • East River Pipe
  • Mark White
  • Nancy Brous
Down to the Bone Productions 55 East 11th Street, No. 11 New York, NY 10003, USA T 212 420 8797

Frank Mannion/Swipe Films 79 Wardour Street London W19 6QB, Großbritannien T 207 851 8602

35 mm
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