Homage to Hans Hurch


Come And Go
João César Monteiro
P, FRA 2002
175 min

VAI-E-VEM (“Come and Go”) has never been screened at the Viennale before. It is the last film that João César Monteiro made, fully aware that his end was near. We have chosen this film because we want to reveal a connection between Hans and Monteiro: As truly free and upstanding people they always remained true to their beliefs and never cared about the conventions of the prevailing mainstreams. Now that Hans and Monteiro are gone, a feeling of emptiness and transience remains in a world that occasionally seems to be moving in strange directions, somehow reminiscent of others experienced in dark periods of history. VAI-E-VEM is to be understood as a simple gesture of farewell.
With this film, Monteiro also wanted to show the staging of “breaking camp,” as it were, by bidding us farewell and leaving behind his work and elements for understanding it. What Hans has left behind is something lively, something that should live on: the Viennale. We sincerely hope that the festival will continue the course taken by its late captain. Goodbye Hans, until we meet again. (Luís Urbano & Manuel Mozos)

In the presence of Manuel Mozos.
With V’14-TRAILER: CHAFARIZ DAS VIRTUDES by Manoel de Oliveira

  • João César Monteiro - João Vuvu
  • Rita Pereira Marques - Adriana/ Urraca
  • Joaquina Chicau - Custódia
  • Manuela de Freitas - Fausta
  • João César Monteiro
  • Mário Barroso
  • Jean-Claude Laureux
  • João Nicolau
  • Renata Sancho
  • José Manuel Castanheira
  • Isabel Branco
  • Lucha d’Orey
Madragoa Filmes, Gemini Films, Arte France Cinéma, RTP

NOS Lusomundo Audiovisualis

35 mm
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