Klaus Lemke
DEU 2016
81 min

Klaus Lemke never films with a screenplay. “When people start talking, I don’t even wanna know, what the end of the sentence will be. So that’s the same with my movies: I want to get familiar with them, when I am shooting and not before. I guess, that’s what is called ‘modern cinema’. Everything else is nonsense.” The 76-year-old is a veteran of German filmmaking and a founding member of the so called “Münchner Gruppe”, that met in the “Bungalow” in Schwabing during the Sixties and Seventies. his current movie UNDERWEARLIES is about a nymphomaniac, Leila, whose voice “tastes like vanilla ice”, as Lemke puts it. her problem: While being a professional callgirl she seems uncapable to ask for the money. “Isn’t that a great story?” (Deutschlandfunk)
This great story has two further protagonists. Leilas’ girlfriend Mela, who is an artist, and henning, a drifter and daydreamer. But Leila, Mela and henning, this love triangle, is rather a comic, bizarre cohabitation than a romantic relationship. That’s for sure. Everything else is nonsense.

In presence of Klaus Lemke and members of the team.

  • Henning Gronkowski - Jean Jacques
  • Leila Lowfire
  • Mela Feigenbaum
  • Marco Barotti
  • Raffael Betzler
  • Klaus Lemke
  • Paulo da Silva
  • Paulo da Silva
  • Florian Kohlert
  • Jonas Imbery
  • Malakoff Kowalski
  • Mouse on Mars
  • DJ Hell
Klaus Lemke Filmproduktion, ZDF

Klaus Lemke Filmproduktion

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