Une histoire américaine

Armel Hostiou
FRA 2015
87 min

Experimental filmmaker and video artist Armel Hostiou expands his 2013 short KINGSTON AVENUE into this feature film about the lies we tell ourselves in the name of love. Artist Barbara tires of her (very) brief relationship with Vincent and leaves him behind in Paris. But the resolute Vincent follows her to America, determined to win back her affections. Shot in New York in wintertime, UNE HISTOIRE AMÉRICAINE, like its hero, is unabashedly romantic, utterly captivating, and often uncomfortably hilarious. “While I was watching the movie again I was thinking that really New York has gradually grown closer to Paris. Today it’s a city that seeks its own preservation. That draws it mentally and geographically closer to us. This city that was emblematic of success is no longer the part of the world where you would think to go to succeed. This is not a melancholy lament, it’s just a realization that it has lost some of its appeal, kind of like Paris, and that all that’s left is a facade.” (Vincent Macaigne)

In the presence of Armel Hostiou.

  • Audrey Bastien - Clara
  • Vincent Macaigne - Vincent
  • Kate Moran - Barbara
  • Sofie Rimestad
  • Murray Bartlett
  • Jean Lebreton
  • Armel Hostiou
  • Vincent Macaigne
  • Lea Cohen
  • Mauro Herce
  • Simon Apostolou
  • Clément Maléo
  • Romain Le Bras
  • Carole Le Page
  • Arcan
  • Babx
  • Frank Williams&The Ghost Dance
  • Thomas de Pourquery
Bocalupo Films, Axolotl Films

Bocalupo Films

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