The Devil's Candy

Sean Byrne
USA 2015
90 min

Headhanging painter Jesse Hellman, similarly inclined teenage daughter Zooey and comparatively milquetoast wife/mom Astrid are excited to own their first home, a dirt-cheap but spacious old manse outside a Texas small town. The real-estate agent is required to inform them that the prior tenants died on sight: A woman fell down stairs to her death, apparently by accident, and her husband made a subsequent “can’t live without her” decision. What goes unmentioned is that their son, heavy-set heavy-metal aficionado Ray spent twenty years institutionalized after sacrificing a younger local child to his personal Lord, Satan, and was notably back in residence at the time of his parents’ demises ... (Dennis Harvey)

  • Ethan Embry - Jesse Hellman
  • Shiri Appleby - Astrid
  • Pruitt Taylor Vince - Ray
  • Kiara Glasco - Zooey
  • Sean Burke
  • Simon Chapman
  • Andy Hay
  • Colette D. Dahanne
  • Andy Canny
  • Michael Yezerski
  • Sunn O
  • Thomas S. Hammock
  • Stacy Ellen Rich
HanWay Films

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