Valley Of Love

Guillaume Nicloux
FRA 2015
93 min

Isabelle and Gérard have a strange appointment in Death Valley, California. They have not seen each other for years and are here to answer to an invitation by their son Michael, a photographer, which they received after his suicide, six months ago. Despite the absurdity of the situation, they decide to follow the initiatory program designed by Michael. “I visited Death Valley at the end of 2012. My trip to one of the biggest national parks in the United States was like a waking dream. But a dream whose impressions and details never totally fade away. On the contrary, even; what remained of it became more precise over the months, like those childhood dreams of which one retains a strangely familiar, almost tactile flavor. There, time is horizontal, like in Africa. A real trap. Death Valley is a trap for truth. It’s your solitary brain, open to everything which evades you. And if you accept the idea that the essential is never what you decide, then the subject can come forth like a spring, and that spring can wash your naked heart.” (Guillaume Nicloux)

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  • Isabelle Huppert - Isabelle
  • Gérard Depardieu - Gérard
  • Dan Warner - The Man
  • Aurélia Thiérrée - The Woman
  • Guillaume Nicloux
  • Christophe Offenstein
  • Olivier Dô-Hùu
  • Guy Lecorne
  • Charles Ives
  • Anaïs Romand
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