MehrWERT-Filmnacht 2015


ERSTE BANK invites for a Double Feature
Gartenbaukino - October 24/25, from 11:00 pm

The MoreVALUE Film Night is a gift by main sponsor Erste Bank to Viennale audiences.
On the night of October 24, we’re not only gaining an hour due to the time change but we’ll also have an opportunity to watch a unique double feature with two of the greatest actors of contemporary French cinema.
Isabelle Huppert and Gerard Depardieu perform both in Maurice Pialat's LOULOU (1979) and in VALLEY OF LOVE (2015) by Guillaume Nicloux.

No tickets for sale!

FREE TICKETS for the MoreVALUE Film Night

Tickets (max. 2 pP) are available for free at all Viennale pre-sale offices (Gartenbaukino, Metro, Schottentor and Stadtkino im Künstlerhaus) as well as by phone: A1 Freeline 0800 664 015.
Moreover, there is a MehrWERT-raffle @

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