Tragedy Girls

Tyler MacIntyre
USA 2016
96 min

A robust social media presence is a key element in a modern teens’ life. Its right up there with making the cheer squad, the football team and having marks at the top of your class. At Rosedale High McKayla and Sadie take their presence to an extreme birthing a site called “Tragedy Girls” that trace the recent string of murders in the community even encouraging the violence to bring more hits and likes to their site.
Director Tyler MacIntyre’s film is very much in the tradition of a dark comedy high school tale such as HEATHERS, BETTER OFF DEAD and PUMP UP THE VOLUME. McKayla’s and Sadie’s adventures around Rosedale definitely have a body count. The pair’s main hashtag “#who will be next” continues to trend as they trumpet memorials on their site for fellow students and citizens that have died gaining followers by the moment. Their path to national fame is not a straight rise as local chief Blane Welch constantly plays down their theories to maintain order while his son Jordan has a thing for Sadie threating to come between the best friends. (Francis McKay)

  • Alexandra Shipp - McKayla
  • Brianna Hildebrand - Sadie
  • Jack Quaid - Jordan
  • Timothy V. Murphy - Blane Welch
  • Chris Lee Hill
  • Tyler MacIntyre
  • based on the original script by Justin Olson
  • Pawel Pogorzelski
  • Martin Pensa
  • Russ Howard III
  • Mars Feehery
  • Dakota Keller
The Comeback Kids, New Artist Pictures Production, Ardor Pictures

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