Quei loro incontri

Jene ihre Begegnungen
Danièle Huillet, Jean-Marie Straub
I, FRA 2005
68 min

The last scene in QUEI LORO INCONTRI at the end of the five dialogs follows the unwavering stare of the hunter who has fallen quiet. What is he staring at? At the silent image that is to come. The gods have spoken and everything they have said is echoed in the silence. The last take shows the dry streambed and then pans slowly towards the road, where a man is passing by on his scooter. Will the camera pause so that we can see him crossing the screen? It’s left to chance. A roll of the dice: the camera crosses the horizontal course of the scooter as though it had been thrown vertically into the air and marks the encounter with a brief pause. Then the camera continues to rise, stopping at a power line that cuts across the image, separating the earth from the sky. The blue cannot fill the screen. Beneath the line that divides the image the landscape remains. If the camera continued its upward travel, we would drown in the view. But we have gone as high as we can go. We have understood. We remain with the landscape and the experience of tristesse, as Cesare Pavese puts it: “But they wouldn’t be men if they weren’t miserable.” (Jean-Claude Rousseau)

In the presence of Jean-Claude Rousseau.
With V’08-TRAILER: UNE CATASTROPHE by Jean-Luc Godard

  • Andrea Bacci
  • Giovanna Daddi
  • Dario Marconcini
  • Angela Nugara - Mutter
  • Vittorio Vigneri - Scherenschleifer
  • Enrico Achilli - Cataldo Chiesa
  • Angela Durantini - Elvira La Farina
  • Andrea Balducci - Fischio
  • Romano Guelfi - Carlo
  • Grazia Orsi
  • Jean-Marie Straub
  • Danièle Huillet
  • Dimitri Haulet
  • Jean-Pierre Duret
  • Jean-Pierre Laforce
  • Renato Berta
  • Jean-Paul Toraille
  • Marion Befve
  • Jean-Marie Straub
  • Danièle Huillet

Jean-Marie Straub, Danièle Huillet Via dell' Imbrecciato 257 00148 Rom, Italien

Belva Film
Stadtkino Filmverleih Spittelberggasse 3/3 1070 Wien T 1 522 48 14
35 mm
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