John Carroll Lynch
USA 2017
88 min

Harry Dean Stanton is a national treasure. The excellent character actor with the perpetual hangdog expression has burned himself into the collective American psyche. Who can forget his fine supporting turns in everything from ALIEN to REPO MAN to PARIS, TEXAS to the work of David Lynch or Monte Hellman’s TWO-LANE BLACKTOP?
At 90-years-old, Stanton finally gets the breakout leading role he deserves in LUCKY, the directorial debut of actor John Carroll Lynch. LUCKY is about the “spiritual journey” of the title character, a retired cowboy and curmudgeonly atheist whose daily routine consists of crossword puzzles, game shows and visiting the same diner and bar, at which he converses with the same colorful regulars. After falling one day in his kitchen, Lucky is forced to belatedly confront his mortality for the first time.
(Michael Smith)

On 19.10. with VIENNALE-TRAILER 2017
In the presence of John Carroll Lynch.
No tickets for the opening gala on October 19 at 7:30pm!

  • Harry Dean Stanton - Lucky
  • David Lynch - Howard
  • Ron Livingston - Bobby Lawrence
  • Ed Begley Jr. - Dr. Christian Kneedler
  • Tom Skerritt - Fred
  • Beth Grant - Elaine
  • Logan Sparks
  • Drago Sumonja
  • Tim Suhrstedt
  • Alex Altman
  • Robert Gajic
  • Elvis Kuehn
  • Almitra Corey
  • Lisa Norcia
Superlative Films, The Lagralane Group, Divide/Conquer

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