Special: Flesh and Blood

Die toten Fische

Michael Synek
AUT 1989
83 min

Surreal existentialism in an authority-questioning parable between Kafka and Tarkowskij, based on a short story by Boris Vian. In muddy waters the subordinate fishes daily for stamps. Over steep staircases passing metro-ticket-inspectors and through the stinking sewerage he brings the stamps to his boss, only to be paid pittance and kept in perfidious dependency. A long spurned, now finally restored rediscovery about authoritarian capriciousness and painful journeys without salvation, framed in expressive black and white.

  • Erwin Leder
  • Johannes Weidinger
  • Gebhard Swoboda
  • Lisa Luginbühl
  • Martin Schnellnast
  • Michael Synek based on a story by Boris Vian
  • Jiri Stibr
  • Michel Portal
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