Special: Flesh and Blood


Eddy Saller
AUT 1968
78 min

“Schamlos” means shameless and perfectly describes the characters’ attitude in Eddy Saller’s wild celebration of colportage: shameless are those, who only feel alive during excess . Shameless are those, who sell lust without living it. Shameless are those, who forgot what love is. A raw treatise on sin in metallic black and white, its nihilism and greasy decadence still nowadays is hard to believe.

From the collection of Österreichisches Filmmuseum

  • Rolf Eden
  • Udo Kier - Vincent Monreau
  • Marina Paal
  • Karl Hans Koizar
  • Eddy Saller
  • E. Neumayr
  • Theodor Ottawa
  • Walter Partsch
  • Gerhard Heinz
35 mm
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