I tempi felici verranno presto

Happy Times Will Come Soon
Alessandro Comodin
I, FRA 2016
102 min

Consisting of two separate sections that gradually start to match up and forge links between one another, HAPPY TIMES WILL COME SOON steadily progresses cloaked in mystery. Starting off in the style of an escape film, the first “chapter” sees the gentle Tommaso and the wily Arturo hide out in the depths of the forest, where they try to survive in the most extreme destitution. In the second “chapter” a young woman, Ariane, is the heroine in a kind of allegory told at the point where the two tales cross over: the story of a wolf that, every 40 years, falls in love with a white doe. Alessandro Comodin dramatizes this fable by embellishing it with underground explorations (including voyages into the subconscious) and an intentional regression to the wild. Guarded by Miguel Gomes, Comodin turns this film into a hyperrealistic, crypto-symbolic work between fiction and documentary. (Fabien Lemercier)

In presence of Alessandro Comodin.

  • Sabrina Seveycou - Ariane
  • Erikas Sizonovas - Tommaso
  • Luca Bernardi - Arturo
  • Marco Giordana - Massimo
  • Carlo Rigoni - Dino
  • Alessandro Comodin
  • Milena Magnani
  • Tristan Bordmann
  • Mirko Guerra
  • João Nicolau
  • Alessandro Comodin
  • Drache
  • Dupap
  • Patrizia Mazzon
OKTA Film, Shellac Sud, Arte France Cinema, RAI Cinema

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