Te Gong Ye Ye

The Bodyguard
Sammo Hung
Hongkong, China 2015
99 min

Sammo Hung, the famously plumb martial arts legend behind such classics of the genre as PEDICAB DRIVER, squeezes his frame into the director’s chair for the first time in almost 20 years for this seemingly generic action drama about a retired bodyguard who’s forced back into action when a young girl is kidnapped. Playing a character who’s forced to contend with waves of henchmen and Alzheimer’s Disease, hung makes a triumphant return with this surprisingly somber late-career comeback, the film resolving as the mash-up between TAKEN and AWAY FROM HER that you never knew you always wanted. (David Ehrlich)
“Before ThE BODYGUARD I did everything … horror movies, action movies. Now, I want to try love stories. Before it was just fighting, now I want to try everything. Now, I want to find the new, young action stars. In hong Kong, it is very difficult, in Mainland China, they have had the chance, but don’t really make kung fu movies. Because before, everybody loved it when I made the kung fu movies. But now, give me a chance to make the love story …” (Sammo Hung interviewed by Tim Youngs)

  • Sammo Hung - Ding
  • Jacqueline Chan - Cherry Li
  • Andy Lau - Li Zheng Jiu
  • Li Qinqin - Park Seon Nun
  • Tsui Hark - old man
  • James Lee Guy - Sergei
  • Jiang Jun
  • Ardy Lam
  • Leung Kwong Chi
  • Alan Lo
  • Ngai Lun Wong
  • Janet Yung
  • Wong Boey
Irresistible Films, Edko Films, Focus Films, Good Friends Entertainment, Edko Films (Beijing), Tencent Penguin Pictures, BDI Films

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