Kaze ni nureta onna

Wet Woman in the Wind
Shiota Akihiko
Japan 2016
77 min

A stray dog – or rather, a stray bitch – is how the male lead, Kosuke, calls the beautiful stranger who makes a spectacular entrance into his hitherto quiet life. He resists her sexual provocations, explaining that he has left the city for a mountain cabin in order to get away from women and «think deeply». Shiori (the bitch has a name) laughs, calling him a fool. Denying sex? How ridiculous. She has an appetite and no intention of letting herself starve. A man who rejects her deserves punishment. The Nikkatsu studio asked for Mr. Shiota’s take on their brand of erotic cinema known as “roman porno”. KAZE NI NURETA ONNA is infused with an unstoppable energy, which shouldn’t let us overlook the delectable subtlety of his mise-en-scène and dialogue. And in addition to an unhinged freedom of tone, this joyful spontaneity induces an original exploration of spaces. Characters have sex when and where they feel like it, whether or not people are right there watching them. Who’s the doggy? A masterfully written story of desire and domination. (Aurélie Godet)

  • Mamiya Yuki
  • Nagaoka Tasuku
  • Tei Ryushin
  • Suzuki Michiko
  • Nakatani Hitomi
  • Kato Takahiro
  • Shiota Akihiko
  • Shinomiya Hidetoshi
  • Sato Takashi
  • Kida Shunsuke
Nikkatsu Corporation

Nikkatsu Corporation

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