Kleber Mendonça Filho
Brasilien, FRA 2016
140 min

AQUARIUS centres on Clara, a retired music critic whose apartment block is to be demolished by developers. Clara is the last person living there, being subject to increasingly hostile actions of the developers. “To some extent, AQUARIUS brings to mind a siege movie with no shooting, bows and arrows. Not literally, at least. The Aquarius building and Clara’s apartment are defined spaces – doors, walls, courtyard – and face the imminent risk of invasion. The building is constantly violated, and the apartment, the most intimate part of this environment, is threatened. The open windows contribute to this feeling , playing a fairly classical role, that of exterior/interior. In Brazil, open windows remind us of the custom of putting barriers across every window, whatever the floor, to prevent breaking-and-entering. I think that all these aspects of the film are very ordinary, but there must be something in the framing and cutting that reinforces this apparently fantastical tone.” (Kleber Mendonça Filho)

In the presence of Kleber Mendonça Filho.

  • Sonia Braga - Clara
  • Maeve Jinkings - Anna Paula
  • Irandhir Santos - Roberval
  • Humberto Carrão - Diego
  • Zoraide Coleto - Ladjane
  • Bárbara Colen - Clara im Jahr 1980
  • Kleber Mendonça Filho
  • Fabricio Tadeu
  • Pedro Sotero
  • Ricardo Cutz
  • Eduardo Serrano
  • Ricardo Cutz
SBS, CinemaScópio Produções

SBS International

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