Hymyilevä mies (OmeU)

Der glücklichste Tag im Leben des Olli Mäki
Juho Kuosmanen
FIN, DEU, S 2016
92 min

Olli Mäki had the chance of a lifetime. He was the first Finn ever to fight for the world championship in featherweight boxing, but lost the match humiliatingly in the second round by knock out in front of a packed stadium. He calls it the best day of his life. Funny, forlorn, and irresistibly charming, Juho Kuosmanen’s assured debut feature is inspired by the true story of Finland’s most successful boxer of the 60’s. Shot in black and white with scrupulous attention to period detail, the film centres on the prelude to Mäki’s historic fight in Helsinki with American Davey Moore, the bantamweight champion of the world.
Full of trenchant commentary about the sports and the entertainment industry, the film also wittily depicts a small nation’s unease and excitement about its “debut” on the world stage. A rueful yet delightfully disarming ode to lost innocence, THE HAPPIEST DAY is also one of the most indelible romances you will see this year. (Steve Gravestock)

  • Eero Milonoff - Elis
  • Jarkko Lahti - Raija
  • Mikko Myllylahti
  • Jani-Petteri Passi
  • Jussi Rautaniemi
  • Kari Kankaanpää
  • Sari Suominen
Aamu Filmcompany, One Two Films, Tre Vänner Produktion, Elokuvatuotantoyhtiö MJÖLK

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