Sueño y silencio

The Dream and the Silence
Jaime Rosales
ESP, FRA 2012
110 min

Oriol and Yolanda work as an architect and teacher respectively in Paris where they enjoy a close family relationship with their two young daughters, Alba and Celia. Oriol, who is under pressure at work from his British boss, takes Celia for a holiday in Spain’s Delta del Ebro, a national park in Tarragona where her grandparents, Jaume and Laura, live. A terrible accident happens.

There is much to admire in Rosales’ uncompromising, Ozu-influenced worldview. A total lack of expository dialogue, for example, puts the viewer properly and uncomfortably in the right place as an uninvited interloper on a family tragedy. SUENO Y SILENCIO gathers power as individual family members confront what has happened and their resulting grief. The scenes are improvised by the actors and there’s a great sense of truth in monologues dealing with loss. In the closing sequences in particular, Rosales’ stylistic choices finally knit together to make a retrospectively strong case for his approach. (Fionnuala Halligan) 


  • Oriol Roselló - Oriol
  • Yolanda Galocha - Yolanda
  • Alba Rose Montet - Alba
  • Celia Correas - Celia
  • Jaume Terradas - Jaume
  • Laura Latorre - Laura
  • Jaime Rosales
  • Enric Rufas
  • Óscar Durán
  • Eva Valiño
  • Nino Martínez Sosa
  • Thomas Grezaut
Fresdeval Films, Wanda Vision, Les Productions Balthazar

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