Après mai

Olivier Assayas
FRA 2012
122 min

Paris in the early 70’s. Gilles, a young high school student, is taken in by the political and creative turmoil of the times. Much like his friends, he is torn between his radical commitment and his personal ambitions. Through romantic encounters and artistic discoveries, Gilles and his friends’ journeys take them to Italy and then to London. Further down the line, they will have to make definitive choices in order to find their place in these turbulent times. “The title literally evokes the story I wanted to tell: the aftermath of May ‘68. A time when a revolutionary experience lingers, a unique time in 20th century French history. Of course, May ‘68 nostalgia didn’t exist in those days. The events had just taken place. The only outlook was revolution, a better May ‘68, a successful May ‘68.” (Olivier Assayas) 

In the presence of Olivier Assayas.


  • Clément Métayer - Gilles
  • Lola Créton - Christine
  • Felix Armand - Alain
  • Carole Combes - Laure
  • India Salvor Menuez - Leslie
  • Olivier Assayas
  • Eric Gautier
  • Nicolas Cantin
  • Luc Barnier
  • Mathilde Van de Moortel
  • François Renaud Labarthe
  • Jurgen Doering
MK2, France 3 Cinéma, Vortex Sutra


Polyfilm Verleih
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