The Unspeakable Act

Dan Sallitt
USA 2012
91 min

Seventeen-year-old Jackie lives in an idyllic old house in Brooklyn with her widowed mother, her younger sister Yolanda and her brother Matthew, one year her senior. The family sees good relations between siblings as entirely natural, except that Jackie is too fixated on her brother. She gets distressed when Matthew brings back his first serious date to meet the family. When her brother leaves home for university, Jackie’s neurosis just gets worse. She receives a little help from a friendly therapist, but she essentially has to deal with her situation in her own quiet way.

“Like Eric Rohmer, whose work often concentrated on intelligent, articulate protagonists who had a tendency to hide their inner desires, Sallitt has created a remarkably honest portrait of adolescent confusion using incest as a curiously enticing narrative device. Traversing the assumed sensationalism behind its subject matter, THE UNSPEAKABLE ACT is an intimate, yet thoroughly enjoyable film with far more universal themes of sexual confusion and teenage angst at its heart than its eyecatching synopsis suggests.” (Patrick Gamble) 

In the presence of Dan Sallitt.


  • Tallie Medel - Jackie Kimball
  • Sky Hirschkron - Matthew Kimball
  • Aundrea Fares - Mrs. Kimball
  • Kati Schwartz - Jeanne Kimball
  • Caroline Luft - Therapeutin
  • Dan Sallitt
  • Duraid Munajim
  • David Groman
  • Dan Sallitt
  • Bridget Rafferty
Static Productions

Dan Sallitt

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