El muerto y ser feliz

The Dead and Being Happy
Javier Rebollo
ESP, Argentinien, FRA 2012
92 min

Buenos Aires. On the top floor of a huge public hospital an old Spaniard who has spent half his life in Argentina is about to die. Tough, funny and somewhat tender, the man, a wasted professional killer, decides to run away and happily loaded with morphine sets out on a trip up North to nowhere. On the road he picks up a girl who will become his faithfull squire in a two-thousand kilometer journey full of black humor. 

  • José Sacristan - Santos
  • Roxana Blanco - Erika
  • Lola Mayo
  • Javier Rebollo
  • Salvador Roselli
  • Santiago Racaj
  • Pelayo Gutiérrez
  • Ángel Hernández Zoido
Eddie Saeta, Iconica, Lolita Films, Utopica, Noodles Production

Urban Distribution International

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