David Fenster
USA 2012
79 min

Pincus is definitely not meant to be 100 percent me. Of course there are some strong autobiographical elements to the character but he is also an amalgam of my mom, some friends and pure fantasy. I wanted to create situations, let them play out and shoot it like I would a documentary. This film is as much a portrait of the people I care about and find interesting as anything, so I wanted those people to be able to say what they really think and are interested in. I thought that format would allow people to bring a lot of themselves to the film. I also had documentary footage of my dad that needed to fit into whatever fictional stuff I shot. So there was the idea of using a matching style to seamlessly integrate the documentary footage. (David Fenster) 

In the presence of David Fenster.


  • David Nordstrom - Pincus
  • Paul Fenster - Paul
  • Christi Idavoy - Anna
  • Dietmar Franosch - Dietmar
  • David Fenster
  • David Fenster
  • David Fenster
  • David Fenster
  • John Clement Wood
  • Nicole Tafur
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David Fenster

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