Die Jagd
Thomas Vinterberg
DK, S 2012
111 min

It is 14 years since Thomas Vinterberg burst into view with his excoriating family drama FESTEN, which launched the minimalist Dogme movement and became a much-talked-about cultural phenomenon on its own account. Well, Vinterberg really has come storming back with JAGTEN, a reminder of his superb gift for unsettling collective drama: it is forthright, powerful, composed and directed with clarity and overwhelming force, yet capable of great subtlety and nuance.

The lead performance from Mads Mikkelsen is outstanding: he is Lucas, a teacher who's having to work temporarily as a kindergarten assistant due to a school closure, recently divorced, but with many good friends in a close-knit community. But things go horribly wrong for Lucas when an accusation is made against him by a child, and the situation escalates out of control. With Mikkelsen at its centre, JAGTEN becomes an unbearably tense drama-thriller. (Peter Bradshaw) 

In the presence of Thomas Vinterberg (on Nov 6th).


  • Mads Mikkelsen - Lucas
  • Thomas Bo Larsen - Theo
  • Lars Ranthe - Bruun
  • Susse Wold - Grethe
  • Anne Louise Hassing - Agnes
  • Thomas Vinterberg
  • Tobias Lindholm
  • Charlotte Bruus Christensen
  • Kristian Selin Eidnes Andersen
  • Anne Østerud
  • Nikolaj Egelund
  • Torben Stig Nielsen
  • Manon Rasmussen
Zentropa, Film i Väst


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