Alice Winocour
FRA 2012
102 min

1885. In Paris, at the Pitié Salpêtrière hospital, Professor Charcot is trying to understand an illness, hysteria, the causes of which are yet unknown. Augustine, a young woman just out of childhood, presents all the symptoms of the illness. It isn’t long before she attracts his attention. From object of study, Augustine soon becomes an object of desire, and the exclusive subject of his research, his obsession. Augustine does everything she can to seduce the Professor when he carries out experiments on her. Over the course of his examinations, their intimacy grows: the closer Charcot comes, the more he desires her; and the more he looks at her, the sicker she becomes.



  • Vincent Lindon - Professor Charcot
  • Soko - Augustine
  • Chiara Mastroianni - Constance Charcot
  • Olivier Rabourdin - Bourneville
  • Roxane Duran - Rosalie
  • Alice Winocour
  • George Lechaptois
  • Jean-Luc Audy
  • Julien Lacheray
  • Jocelyn Pook
  • Arnaud de Moleron
  • Pascaline Chavanne
Dharamsala, ARP, France 3 Cinéma, Darius Films


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