Wolfgang Fischer
DEU, AUT 2018
94 min

Based on real events, STYX opens with an eerie image: A pair of monkeys climbs the walls of the Youth Club in Gibraltar that overlook the sprawling port. A sign on the wall reads, “Celebrating Glorious Years,” but the structures show signs of decay and point to an ominous past. The story segues to a first-response medic, Rike, who undertakes a solitary ocean journey to reach the Ascension Island in the Atlantic, in the footsteps of young Charles Darwin. Rike’s skills and nerve are tested when she withers a vicious storm on her small yacht. Off the coast of Mauritania, she comes upon a sinking fishing trawler carrying refugees, and sends out repeated calls for help, but soon must choose between her own safety and the laws that forbid her direct contact with the sinking men, and her sense of responsibility. Austere and rapturous in turns, STYX revels in the self-reliance of a woman who in pursuit of earthy haven encounters its opposite: A western world whose procedural rules of conduct remain immune and insufficient vis a vis the urgency of humanitarian crisis, and more importantly, a situation in which her own limited agency slowly pushes her to the brink of despair. (Ela Bittencourt)

In the presence of Wolfgang Fischer, Susanne Wolff and Ika Künzel (co-author).

  • Susanne Wolff - Rike
  • Gedion Oduor Wekesa - Kingsley
  • Wolfgang Fischer
  • Ika Künzel
  • Benedict Neuenfels
  • Uwe Dresch
  • Andre Zimmermann
  • Monika Willi
  • Nicole Fischnaller
Schiwago Film, Amour Fou Vienna

Beta Cinema

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