O termómetro de Galileu

Galileo’s Thermometer
Teresa Villaverde
P 2018
105 min

O TERMÓMETRO DE GALILEU was filmed during Teresa Villaverde’s summer stay at the country house of Italian filmmaker Tonino de Bernardi and his wife, Mariella Navale. It bears witness to a long friendship that started before Villaverde directed her first feature, A IDADE MAIOR (1991). Neither a conventional biography nor an ode to the artist’s mastery, this documentary is a portrait of daily life and humble endeavours, interspersed with memories and opened to encounters – with family, friends and villagers, but also with poems, music, films, landscapes. A meditation on time that mixes intergenerational testimonies while o ering a moving depiction of the rhythms and expressions particular to each age. An essay that tackles the question of legacy. The film attests to the e ort to give utopia a concrete sense: the creation of working/living structures that are both domestic and collective; the building of a space where it’s possible to be both with oneself and with the world. It’s not surprising that Villaverde, whose fiction films are often haunted by the crisis of the traditional family, has found here a luminous model, making this everyday practice a form of struggle and resistance. (Cristina Álvarez López)

  • Tonino De Bernardi
  • Mariella Navale
  • Teresa Villaverde
  • Teresa Villaverde
  • Teresa Villaverde
  • Teresa Villaverde
  • Teresa Villaverde
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