Tribute: Will Ferrell

Stranger Than Fiction

Marc Forster
USA 2006

Harold crick is an IRS agent whose apartment is as bare and lifeless as a hotel room. His life is a model of buttoned-down sameness, until one day he hears a voice in his head. It’s female, British-accented and briskly ironic, and it’s narrating his life. “It’s telling me what I’ve already done. Accurately, and with a better vocabulary”, he tells a shrink, with understandable agitation. Thus begins the enticing, inside-out world of STRANGER THAN FICTION, which poses an irresistible question: What do you do when you suddenly realize that you’re a fictional character, created by a novelist (played, with neurotic nuance, by Emma Thompson) who may well wish to kill you off? First-time screenwriter Zach Helm, dancing in the footsteps of Charlie Kaufman (ADAPTATION), has crafted a comedy both funny and cerebral, wickedly smart and yet warm-hearted. And director Marc Forster finds an agreeable groove, letting the story’s essential sweetness shine through. This is a movie that feels written, not assembled; its voice is distinctive, and you never know quite where it’s going. (Moira Macdonald)

  • Will Ferrell - Harold Crick
  • Maggie Gyllenhaal - Ana Pascal
  • Emma Thompson - Karen Eiffel
  • Dustin Hoffman - Professor Jules Hilbert
  • Queen Latifah - Penny Escher
  • Tony Hale - Dave
  • Zach Helm
  • Geoffrey G. Rubay
  • Roberto Schaefer
  • Matt Chesse
  • Britt Daniel
  • Brian Reitzell
  • Kevin Thompson
  • Frank Fleming
Columbia Pictures, Mandate Pictures, Three Strange Angels, Crick Pictures, Ebeling Group
Sony Pictures
Sony Pictures
35 mm
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