Tribute: Will Ferrell

Casa de mi padre

Matt Piedmont
USA 2012
84 min

CASA DE MI PADRE is a cheeky comedy by Will Ferrell and his compadres at “Saturday Night Live” and the website “Funny or Die”. And when i say “cheeky”, it’s what you’re thinking second. The movie has more butt-groping than anything this side of the rio grande. And the other side. Ferrell and the entire cast perform entirely in Spanish, and Ferrell sings a song that has already gone viral on YouTube. He sounds perfectly fluent to me, but then how would i know? The movie is a jolly send-up of horse operas on Telemundo, which i have never seen, but my lack of qualifications isn’t fatal because the movie hopes to do crossover business in addition to its obvious target audience. What possessed Ferrell to make this satire? my guess is that he got straight A’s in Spanish and has spent years asking himself how that will further his career. Another possibility: He’s made a lot of genre spoofs and why stop now? (Roger Ebert)   

  • Will Ferrell - Armando Álvarez
  • Gabriel García Bernal - Onza
  • Diego Luna - Raúl
  • Genesis Rodriguez - Sonia
  • Pedro Armendáriz - Miguel Ernesto
  • Andrew Steele
  • Ramsey Nickell
  • Brion Condon
  • Tony Mederos
  • David Trachtenberg
  • Andrew Feltenstein
  • John Nau
  • Kevin Kavanaugh
  • Trayce Gigi Field
  • Marylou Lim
NALA Films, Gary Sanchez Productions
Sierra Affinity
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