Tribute: Will Ferrell

Old School

Todd Phillips
USA 2002
90 min

OLD SCHOOL is an uneven, warm-hearted comedy in which a trio of thirtysomething, white, middle-class American males escape the pressures of adulthood by returning to college: but they aren’t in search of further education – they just want to party, frat-boy style. Mitch, Frank and Beanie exploit loopholes in the rules of (fictional) Harrison College to set up a raucous fraternity house where bacchanalian excess is the order of the day. (…) Will Ferrell is surprisingly good value as the volatile Frank, whose mask of doughy “settled-down” dullness often rapidly slips to reveal the beer-guzzling party-monster lurking beneath. (Neil Young)

  • Luke Wilson - Mitch Martin
  • Will Ferrell - Frank Ricard
  • Vince Vaughn - Bernard «Beanie» Campbell
  • Jeremy Piven - Rektor Gordon «Cheese» Pritchard
  • Ellen Pompeo - Nicole
  • Leah Remini - Lara Campbell
  • Juliette Lewis - Heidi
  • Todd Phillips
  • Scot Armstrong
  • Mark Irwin
  • Michael Babcock
  • Michael Jablow
  • Theodore Shapiro
  • Clark Hunter
  • Nancy Fisher
DreamWorks Pictures, The Montecito Company
UPI Austria
35 mm
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