Tribute: Will Ferrell

Blades Of Glory

Josh Gordon, Will Speck
USA 2006

Info regarding the screening on Mon, Nov. 4th: The screening takes place in the night between Sun, Nov. 3rd and Mon, Nov. 4th!

Chazz Michael Michaels and Jimmy MacElroy are the world’s top skaters. Chazz is a sex-crazed rebel on ice while Jimmy is a finely tuned athlete with a heart of gold. But when the bitter rivals get into a fight at the olympic games, they are both banned from the sport for life. Years later, Jimmy and Chazz have hit rock bottom. Things change, though, when a fan discovers a loophole in the skating rulebook – Jimmy and Chazz can still compete in pairs skating. Any time either Will Ferrell or Jon Heder is put in an embarrassing situation, you know there’s going to be laughs. Fortunately, the world of figure skating offers up plenty of opportunities to put them in just such a situation. From the outrageous costumes to the melodramatic routines to the absurd competitiveness, there’s a lot to laugh at. And when the two attempt to perform the “iron lotus” stunt, BLADES OF GLORY outdoes itself. (Scott Chitwood)

  • William Fichtner - Darren MacElroy
  • Will Ferrell - Chazz Michael Michaels
  • Jon Heder - Jimmy MacElroy
  • Will Arnett - Stranz Van Waldenberg
  • Amy Poehler - Fairchild Van Waldenberg
  • Jenna Fischer - Katie Van Waldenberg
  • Craig T. Nelson - Coach
  • Jeff Cox
  • Craig Cox
  • John Altschuler
  • Dave Krinsky
  • Mark A. Mangini
  • Blake R. Cornett
  • Stefan Czapsky
  • Richard Pearson
  • Theodore Shapiro
  • Stephen Lineweaver
  • Julie Weiss
DreamWorks Pictures, Red Hour, Smart Entertainment, First Entertainment, MTV Films, Paramount Pictures
Paramount Pictures
UPI Austria
35 mm
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