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So Dark the Night

Joseph H. Lewis
USA 1946
71 min

One of the great delights of the B-film is that rare chance to see a favorite character actor elevated to a starring role, like menacing tough guy Charles McGraw’s transformation into a bulletproof cop in ARMORED CAR ROBBERY, or Hungarian émigré Steven Geray, the suave maître d’ and waiter in countless pictures, now cast as a Parisian detective whose engagement to a small town innkeeper’s daughter is shattered by her gruesome murder. Determined to catch the killer, Geray embarks on a strange and twisting path, interrogating subjects while his criminal prey remains always one step away. In this stylish follow-up to his breakthrough hit, the Gothic plot-twister MY NAME IS JULIA ROSS, Joseph H. Lewis makes clear his wild talent for the unexpected stories and bold mise-en-scène that give his films the giddy intensity so beloved by true cinephiles. Regularly rediscovered as a cult classic, SO DARK THE NIGHT drew the attention of Columbia executives who began to unsuccessfully groom Lewis for bigger-budget assignments that he would steadfastly resist out of reluctance to surrender the creative freedom he found on the lower rungs of the hierarchical studio ladder. (Haden Guest)


  • Steven Geray - Jourdonnais
  • Egon Brecher
  • Micheline Cheirel
  • Eigene Borden
  • Ann Codee
  • Helen Freeman
  • Brother Theodore
  • Screenplay Martin Berkeley
  • Dwight V. Babcock
  • Aubrey Wisberg
  • Burnett Guffey
  • Hugo Friedhofer
Columbia Pictures
35 mm
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