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My Name is Julia Ross

Joseph H. Lewis
USA 1945
64 min

B-film maverick Joseph H. Lewis delivered a low-rent yet brilliantly stylized reply to REBECCA and GASLIGHT starring a sensitive Nina Foch, in her debut role, as a young woman abducted to a seaside mansion to play the role of an already dead woman and victim of a sinister scheme. With George Macready as a knife wielding psychotic man-child and Dame May Whitty as his coddling elderly mother, MY NAME IS JULIA ROSS releases the Gothic spirits of the Forties woman-trapped-in-an-old-house cycle into a brisk thriller animated by comically irreverent touches. True to its boldly assertive title, MY NAME IS JULIA ROSS flaunts the rich potential of the B-film to act as a revealingly distorting mirror of the more predictable and prestigious big-budgeted A-films. Indeed, scenes of Foch pulling apart the wall panels and stair cases to discover secret passages seem to subversively celebrate the thread-bare sets of Lewis’ low-budget production. An unexpected break out hit, MY NAME IS JULIA ROSS was so popular it was elevated by Columbia to an A-feature and moved to the prestigious top half of double bills. (Haden Guest)


  • Doris Lloyd - Mrs. Cutten
  • George Macready - Ballin Mundson
  • May Whitty
  • Roland Varno
  • Anita Sharp-Bolster
  • Nina Foch
  • Muriel Roy Bolton based on the novel by Anthony Gilbert
  • Burnett Guffey
Columbia Pictures
35 mm
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