Cristi Puiu
RO, FRA, BIH, MK, HR 2016
173 min

A movie about cinematic time, historical memory and camera movement (among other things), SIERANEVADA takes place largely in a cramped apartment, where an extended family has gathered to commemorate a dead relative. There, as doors open and close, and the camera pans right and left, Mr. Puiu creates a complex multigenerational portrait of a post-Ceausescu Romania in which discussions about the attacks on the french magazine “Charlie hebdo” take place in one room, while in another, the talk turns to Romanian Communism, God and belief. (Manohla Dargis)

In the presence of Cristi Puiu and members of the team.

  • Bogdan Dumitrache - Relu
  • Mimi Branescu - Lary
  • Judith State - Sandra
  • Dana Dogaru - Nusa
  • Sorin Medeleni - TonI
  • Cristi Puiu
  • Barbu Balasoiu
  • Christophe Vingtrinier
  • Jean Paul Bernard
  • Filip Muresan
  • Letitia Stefanescu
  • Ciprian Cimpoi
  • Iulia Muresan
  • Cristina Barbu
  • Maria Pitea
  • Doina Raducut
Mandragora, Produkcija 2006, Sister & Brother Mitevski, Studioul de Creatie Cinematografica al Ministerului Culturii, Spiritus Movens, Alcatraz Films, Iadasarecasa, Arte France Cinema

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