Tribute: Peter Hutton

Screening Room with Peter Hutton

Robert Gardner
USA 1977
72 min

A Bolex Camera sits on the table of this TV-studio in Boston. It is Robert Gardner’s as Peter Hutton wouldn’t take his from New York. Gardner says: “When you pick up a camera, you pick up a Bolex. One of the things this program was trying to do in the past is to demystify the notion of filmmaking being this arcane science and engineering impossibility. But this (Gardner pointing at the camera, now shown in a close-up) is all it takes to do what you did, plus an incredible eye and a pair of hands. ”This sympathetic approach of democratizing the art of filmmaking was one of the core intentions of Gardners “Screening Room” TV series in the Seventies. In Hutton it finds a filmmaker, who – though his incredibly elaborate art – always insisted on things like this: to reconcile action and contemplation in the gaze of your eye.

  • Robert Gardner - TV-Host
  • Peter Hutton
  • Robert Gardner
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