Tribute: Peter Hutton

Time And Tide

Peter Hutton
USA 2000
35 min

In the mid-80’s, Hutton settled in the Hudson River Valley and took that landscape — the inspiration for one of America’s first major schools of indigenous painters — as his own in films like LANDSCAPE (FOR MANON) a depiction of a valley called “Kaaterskill Clove”; In TITAN'S GOBLET, Hutton is taking its title from a painting by Thomas Cole. STUDY OF A RIVER presents a portrait of the Hudson river in winter. Shot in rich black and white, Hutton observes slowly moving ships, floating slurries of ice, and the snowy shore, reflecting both on the landscape’s beauty as well as its transformation by industry and commerce. Continuing the tribute to the Hudson, TIMA AND TIDE was filmed from aboard various boats traveling on the river, and is his first work using color as well as black and white. (Henriette Huldisch)

16 mm
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