Schule, Schule - Die Zeit nach Berg Fidel (OmeU)

Hella Wenders
DEU 2017

David, Jakob, Anita and Samira went to the inclusive elementary school “Berg Fidel”, a school that specializes in teaching children with special educational needs. Now their sheltered time in elementary school is over and we follow the protagonists on their way into various secondary schools. Dreams, hopes, fears, worries: we experience the trials and tribulations of their new life stages and how they can cope with their impairments. In SCHULE, SCHULE – DIE ZEIT NACH BERG FIDEL Hella Wenders continues to tell the stories of the four children from her documentary BERG FIDEL – EINE SCHULE FÜR ALLE (2011), that can also be seen at this Viennale.

In the presence of Hella Wenders.

  • Tobias Welmering
  • David und Jakob Leonhard
  • Anita J.
  • Samira Staschel
  • Sabine Lewe
  • Hella Wenders
  • Luca Lucchesi
  • Tina Pepper
  • David Leonhard
  • Verena Neumann
augenschein Filmproduktion

augenschein Filmproduktion

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