Una ciudad de provincia

Provincial City
Rodrigo Moreno
Argentinien 2017
88 min

We don’t know if there is anything after the simple act of letting go and relax and get carried away, and we also don’t know if mentioning the size of a film is important, because – as we know very well – this is a relative thing, and grandiloquence doesn’t mean the images will vibrate with nerve. That said, we can only stand up and welcome Rodrigo Moreno’s film with an applause (or even a hug), since it’s a film you leave from with a tanned skin, hours of rest, and new faces in your catalogue of friends and acquaintances.
UNA CIUDAD DE PROVINCIA is a film where the camera observes with no tension or highlighted questions, but with calm and the bravado you show on vacations; it’s a film that constantly listens, erases hierarchies, and just lets life explain itself. (Buenos Aires Film Festival)

In the presence of Rodrigo Moreno.

  • Rodrigo Moreno
  • Alejo Maglio
  • Catriel Vildosola
  • Martín Mainoli
  • Rodrigo Moreno
  • Ignacio Masllorens
  • Ulises Conti
Compañía Amateur, Capataz Cine

Compañía Amateur, Capataz Cine

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