Cry Baby, Cry (OmeU)

Antonin Svoboda
AUT 2017
86 min

“Babies take an active part in the birth process”, explains the therapist. “In other words, the baby creates that process together with the mother.” But what happens in case of complications? “If an intervention or anaesthesia becomes necessary, then this process gets interrupted.” For CRY BABY, CRY Antonin Svoboda accompanied families going through such a stressful experience for more than a year. While the problems faced by couples with their newborn or infants vary considerably, they all share the experience that daily routine has since been put to a heavy test.
Although CRY BABY, CRY, complemented by explanatory comments by psychologists, barely leaves the therapist’s room, with its comfy mattresses and cushions, the film goes way beyond that: Indeed, the parents’ fears for their child lead to a confrontation with their own woes – which, on the other hand, represents a new opportunity for them, as well as hope.

In the presence of Antonin Svoboda.

  • Thomas Harms
  • Matthew Appleton
  • Pauline Kuipers
  • Annelie Keil
  • Dirk Beckedorf
  • Antonin Svoboda
  • Joana Scrinzi
  • Antonin Svoboda
coop99, Seidl Film Produktion


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