Shakkei. Geborgte Landschaften

Shakkei. Borrowed Landscapes
Hartmut Bitomsky
DEU 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017
175 min

Bitomskys new film was inspired by the Japanese shakkei, which stands for the “borrowing” of a landscape. Japanese gardens are often planned so that a found “natural” landscape is connected with designed elements. For his film Bitomsky rediscovers his own material – like STAUB (2007) and B-52 (2001) – and creates a new whole. (Marius Babias)
Bitomsky’s more recent films look at our so-called “post-industrial” future, where film has a different future than it has until now: “The cinema in the past 100 years has faithfully accompanied the industrial age. And now we have to be prepared for the fact that a certain kind of filmmaking, a certain way of recording the gaze on the world, is coming to an end.” (Hartmut Bitomsky).

In the presence of Hartmut Bitomsky.

  • Hartmut Bitomsky
  • Rebecca Baron
  • Volker Langhoff
  • Mike Jarmon
  • Chris Laine
  • Kolja Richter
  • Yakim Humbrott
  • Jochen Jezussek
  • Theo Bromin
  • Adam Mattocks
  • Fred Ihrt
  • Larry Lente
  • Derek Scammell
  • Bill Wilson u.a.
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