Denk ich an Deutschland in der Nacht

If I Think of Germany at Night
Romuald Karmakar
DEU 2017
105 min

Romuald Karmakar’s new documentary takes a look at five pioneers of electronic music for whom work is their raison d’etre. The film commences with a still life of electronic equipment in which we find our-selves looking for several minutes at a wide shot of cables, consoles, amplifiers, keyboards and ‘controllers’ as Ricardo Villalobos – who was the subject of Karmakar’s 2009 film – will later call the flashing switch-boards in the background. In between eloquent thoughts from the musicians in interviews, quiet observations of them at work at their DJ home, and images of sweating masses at raves, a selective image gradually andvery quietly emerges of a music scene in transition. (Berlinale)

In the presence of Romuald Karmakar.

  • Frank Griebe
  • Matthias Lempert
  • Robert Thomann
  • Anne Fabini
  • Ricardo Villalobos
  • Roman Flügel
  • David Moufang/move D
  • Sonja Moonear
  • Ata
Arden Film

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