A Quiet Passion

Terence Davies
United Kingdom, Belgium 2016
124 min

Who else but Terence Davies could condense Emily Dickinson’s life into a question of religious rebellion? With A QUIET PASSION, the Liverpool-born auteur interprets the 19th century poet as a tailor-made conduit for his chief concerns and interests: family, patriarchy, death and Catholicism. Given its themes and the tragic circumstances of Dickinson’s life, A QUIET PASSION is a refreshingly humorous work. Its firecracker dialogue is invigorating; the assured, measured compositions are equally compelling. And in its sensitivity to intersecting conflicts related to womanhood and class, it is quietly masterful. (Michael Pattison)

In the presence of Terence Davies.

  • Cynthia Nixon - Emily Dickinson
  • Emma Bell - young Emily Dickinson
  • Jennifer Ehle - Liviana "Vinnie" Dickinson
  • Rose Williams - young Vinnie Dickinson
  • Keith Carradine - Mr. Dickinson
  • Duncan Duff - Austin Dickinson
  • Jodhi May - Susan Dickinson
  • Catherine Bailey - Ms. Vryling Buffam
  • Joanna Bacon - Mrs. Dickinson
  • Terence Davies
  • Florian Hoffmeister
  • Pia Di Ciaula
  • Merjin Sep
  • Catherine Marchand
Hurricane Films, Potemkino, DDI, Gibson & MacLeod, WeatherVane Prod., Screen Flanders, Scope Pictures, Indomitable Entertainment, Double Dutch International

Double Dutch International

Double Dutch International
Studio Hamburg
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