The Salesman
Asghar Farhadi
FRA, Iran 2016
125 min

In Iran, Emad and his wife Rana are two actors forced to find a new apartment after their building is evacuated for security reasons. A friend from their theatre company offers a vacant apartment he owns. The most tragic and puzzling thing happens: while Rana is alone, a man enters the flat and surprises her in the shower; Emad comes home to find a track of bloody footprints leading to their door. As the main characters try to cope with the trauma, each in their own way, discovering the identity of the intruder becomes an obsession and eventually a temptation to take revenge. The tension is built with great skill: the facelessness of the attacker leaves us quite unsettled, while clues tracing back to him are disseminated adroitly as the story moves along. (Jasmin Valjas)

  • Shahab Hosseini - Emad
  • Taraneh Alidoosti - Rana
  • Babak Karimi - Babak
  • Farid Sajjadihosseini - The Man
  • Mina Sadati - Sanam
  • Maral Bani Adam - Kati
  • Mehdi Kooshki - Siavash
  • Asghar Farhadi
  • Hossein Jafarian
  • Hossein Bashash
  • Yadollah Najafi
  • Hayedeh Safiyari
  • Sattar Oraki
  • Sara Samiee
Memento Films, Asghar Farhadi Productions

Memento Films

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