Dark Night

Tim Sutton
USA 2016
85 min

DARK NIGHT, an elegiac work that looks at America as it is today, is an examination of a rising tide of isolationism and acute loneliness in the suburbs: We meet Aaron, a teenage dark philosopher; a latina teen girl; a war veteran who goes to group meetings and to the gun range; a young woman named Summer that perfects her body till it hurts; and we meet a boy called Robert Jumper who goes home to his mother. He has milk and cookies. She gives him money. Robert counts the steps from his white Mercedes to the cineplex.
Despite being inspired by the cineplex shooting in Aurora, Colorado, this is not a gun control movie. If it has a social agenda it is one that rides on sheer emotion and sympathy first, charting a geography of apathy across the secret blight of suburban America. The film works as a collage of different and intersecting lives, some named, others nameless, most young, all moving towards the event we get a glimpse of in the film’s opening. (Ben Umstead)

In the presence of Tim Sutton.

  • Aaron Purvis - Aaron
  • Rosie Rodriguez - Latino-Teenager
  • Eddie Cacciola - War veteran
  • Anna Rose Hopkins - Summer
  • Robert Jumper - Robert Jumper
  • Tim Sutton
  • Hélène Louvart
  • Eli Cohn
  • Jeanne Applegate
  • Maica Armata
  • Bart Mangrum
  • Jami Villers
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