Pulp: A Film About Life, Death and Supermarkets

Florian Habicht
GBR 2014
90 min

Sheffield, 1988. Following a disastrous farewell show in their hometown, Pulp move to London in search of success. They find fame on the world stage in the 90’s with anthems including “Common People” and “Disco 2000”. Twenty-five years (and ten million sold albums) later, they return to Sheffield for their last UK concert: what could go wrong? Director Florian habicht weaves together the band’s personal offerings with dream-like specially-staged tableaux featuring ordinary people recruited on the streets of Sheffield. “Pulp songs are about celebrating the imperfections of everyday life. Songs about dishes, underwear and getting old. Finding beauty in the forgotten corners of life. The more we filmed, the more we felt we were discovering some of these forgotten corners and making them a meaningful part of the film.” (Florian Habicht)

In the presence of Florian Habicht and Mark Webber (guitarist in Pulp) on Oct 26 and of Jarvis Cocker on Nov 7.

ATTENTION: The screening on Nov 7 takes place in the night btw Nov 6 (12 pm) and Nov 7!

  • Peter O’Donoghue
  • Florian Habicht
  • Maria Ines Manchego
  • Mark Bull
  • Peter O’Donoghue
  • Jarvis Cocker
  • Nick Banks
  • Candida Doyle
  • Steve Mackey
  • Mark Webber
Pistachio Pictures, British Film Company, Screen Yorkshire, Soda Pictures

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