Tribute Sissy Spacek


Michael Ritchie
USA 1972
88 min

One actor Im a big fan of is Lee Marvin. Just the idea of Marvins characters being outsiders and very violent appeals to me. Some seem to have a very strong code even if its a psychotic one that he follows rigidly. Like in Prime Cut: There are some amazing things in that, especially the scene where they drive this Cadillac Fleetwood into a thresher, and it grinds up the car. These guys are selling drugged-up naked girls in stalls the way you would sell cattle, and Marvin goes there as a hired hitman outsider and rescues Sissy Spacek whos one of these naked girls in this barn. Thats a wild film. (Jim Jarmusch)

  • Lee Marvin - Nick Devlin
  • Gene Hackman - «Mary Ann»
  • Angel Tompkins - Clarabelle
  • Gregory Walcott - Weenie
  • Sissy Spacek - Poppy
  • Janit Baldwin - Violet
  • William Morey - Shay
  • Clint Ellison - Delaney
  • Howard Platt - Shaughnessy
  • Les Lannom - O'Brien
  • Eddie Egan - Jake
  • Therese Reinsch - Jakes Freundin
  • Robert Dillon
  • Gene Polito
  • Jack Finlay
  • Barry Thomas
  • Carl Pingitore
  • Lalo Schifrin
  • Bill Malley
  • Patricia Norris
Cinema Center 100 Productions

Twentieth Century Fox c/o Hollywood Classics 8 Cleveland Gardens London W2 6HA, Großbritannien T 20 7262 46 46

35 mm
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