Joel Schumacher
USA 2002
81 min

Absurdly set in some pre-cell-phone universe, ]]>Phone Booth]]> is best appreciated as hilarious pulp metaphor, which, not coincidentally, happens to be one of the screenwriter’s specialties. Could Camus or Sartre have imagined a scenario in which the antihero is acting – under threat of death – according to the enigmatic instructions of a voice that only he can hear even while a convenient display window filled with television sets broadcasts his plight to the world? Still, it’s a pity that Larry Cohen, whose topical tabloid worldview makes him one of America’s last abstract sensationalists, didn’t direct his own script. (Jim Hoberman)

]]>Phone Booth]]> will be screened together with The Telephone Book.

  • Colin Farrell - Stu Shepard
  • Kiefer Sutherland - Sniper
  • Forest Whitaker - Captain Ed Ramey
  • Radha Mitchell - Kelly Shepard
  • Katie Holmes - Pamela McFadden
  • Larry Cohen
  • Matthew Libatique
  • Laura Macias
  • Sean Rowe
  • Mark Stevens
  • Harry Gregson-Williams
  • Andrew Laws
  • Daniel Orlandi
Fox 2000 Pictures Zucker & Netter Productions
Twentieth Century Fox/Hollywood Classics
35 mm
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